Dream Land | BRDG

22 Jul


Rainbow Puking Unicorn

18 Jul


Ein Dankeschön an Klaas (TunUndMachen)

Breaking News: Deadly Super Rainbow hits West Coast

16 Jul

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(Danke Jörn!)

Creepy Glittered Ice Cream Fascinator

7 Jul

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by & via pearlsandswine.com (kann man da auch kaufen)

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Mountain | David OReilly

2 Jul

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“MOUNTAIN is a mountain simulator. […]

features: no controls, automatic save, audio on/off switch, time moves forward, things grow and things die, nature expresses itself, ~ 50 hours of gameplay, once generated, you cannot be regenerated”

Mountain im Appstore & mountain-game.com

Mars Attacs Leggings

26 Jun


via und kaufbar hier: urban-collector.com

Octopus Leggings

19 Jun


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Hansel & Gretel | Tim Burton

18 Jun

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Highly disturbing shit for kids von 1982, die damals in Kollaboration mit dem Disney Channel entstanden ist.

(Danke Klaas)

Advanced Truth

13 Jun

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Zombie Barbie Costume

12 Jun

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Poopsy Pets poop glitter and rainbows

7 Jun

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“The Moxie Girlz are living in a fun, fantasy world, complete with their very own whimsical pets! Each dressed in a colourful fashion, they have a pet with a matching outfit who poops a poop in a unique colour.”

Unicorn | Basement Jaxx

2 Jun

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Danke Nils!

Rainbow Dogs!

30 Mai

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und in noch schöner gibt es sie hier omfgdogs.com

edit: okay, eben waren da noch laufende Hunde auf der Seite. Jetzt nur Penistierchen. Auch schön. u_u

(Merci Jones!)

Octopus Backpack

29 Mai


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Best little Mermaid Tattoo ever

26 Mai


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